Halfway through Day Four! Reply


Well we are making our way steadily through day four and after the visit from John McColgan this morning there is a definite and noticeable shift in atmosphere again and the dancers are now even more eager to get routines down, steps learned and move on with more numbers!


The skeleton form of the show is really now taking shape with some dance numbers already complete but in need of polishing and others getting started. The dancers are busy with the choreographers in our three rehearsal spaces and the hallways are dotted with various dancers hopping, jumping and leaping around the place trying to drill steps and repeat them to have learned for their next rehearsal.

Tonight we have the special treat of going to see Riverdance live at the Gaiety in Dublin and everyone is really looking forward to that. It will be a fantastic opportunity for our cast to see these professional dancers in action and take inspiration for them for the TTF show.

We hope you are enjoying the live blog and if you have any requests, questions or just want to say hi be sure to do so HERE we would love to hear from you all!!



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