Its the halfway mark! Reply

Hard to believe that we are already at the halfway mark! The routines are really starting to come together now which is perfect for heading into the weekend.

There are still a few parts of routines to be done and A LOT of polishing on completed dances. This weekend will be filled with running full dance numbers working on lines, performance and projection throughout each routine and Breandán will be joining us to teach a brand new choreography.

The dancers, choreographers and staff are feeling tired today but not letting that get to them as they battle on positively to create the magic that will be Take The Floor. There is a great sense of team-work developing amongst the cast and that nervous tension has subsided as everyone gets to know each other more and more each day. It is hard to believe that most of these dancers did not know each other 6 days ago as they gel together as a full team.

It’s day 5, middle of the road, we are tired – but we will battle on!


Words of encouragement are extremely welcome at this point!!

Go team TTF!

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