Halfway through day 7 Reply

Hi everyone!


As you can see from our blog it has already been an eventful day at TTF! The entire 55 strong cast were in at 9.30am this morning to work with Breandán until lunch time and were then split into smaller groups before lunch. Most of the dancers were working with choreographers on dance numbers while the full male cast worked with Gerry Byrne on performance techniques.

Gerry gave an invaluable session where the dancers were able to open up and learn to develop expression for use on stage. It was moving to hear each person telling their story and be reminded that each person is unique and have their own story which has brought them this far. The lads were reminded that in order to put on a good show they need not only to be on the ball with the choreography and steps but they need to be fully focused and pulling together as a team to give the best possible performance.

After a quick lunch of sandwiches the cast were assembled in the ‘Blue Room’ once again and introduced to Mr. Padraic Moyles lead of Riverdance who had been sent with the producers and directors of the show to spot talent for future productions. The dancers are getting the chance to present themselves as performers and possible Riverdance candidates and all gave an impressive performance of three of our dance numbers for Padraic.

At this very moment all three rehearsal spaces are being used – one with Michael Ryan, the other with Nicola Byrne and the last filled with cast members practicing their material on their own. Dinner is at 18.00 tonight and will be followed by the first run through of the show on our stage for the first time.

Excitement is building, tension is rising but the TTF cast are focused and getting ready to rock the house come Wednesday night – we cannot wait!


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