Happy Show Day!!! 1

Well peeps the day has finally arrived! It’s show day at The Helix in Dublin and we are soooooo excited! We had our first dress rehearsal last night and although there were some technical and costume glitches the show itself was looking brilliant!

Today is the day when our dancers will step out on stage as show performers and will be the culmination of 10 days of HARD work, passion and dedication. For the dancers Take The Floor is not solely about the show performance but rather the experience they have had, the memories they have made and of course the friends they have made. We could not be prouder of  the dancers who have blossomed into fully fledged performers and the transformation is remarkable.

Today will include rehearsal with the band Beoga for the first time followed by lighting and sound checks and all will be followed by a full run-through. We hope to be absolutely finished by 18.00 so the dancers can relax, get some food and focus on their performance.

We know many of you following the blog have been asking about DVDs – unfortunately we will not be releasing an official DVD at this stage but stay tuned for possible news on this front …

Now, time to get to work! Keep your good luck wishes coming, we have printed out what is there right now and stuck them up around the backstage area and it is instilling confidence in all the dancers!


One comment

  1. We are sooooooooooo looking forward to the show tonight! Wishing all of you the very best of luck and enjoyment. xx Elizabeth and the gang

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