Sean Connolly- Dance Psychologist Reply


This morning we were very fortunate to have Dance Psychologist Sean Connolly lending his expertise in a workshop for the dancers.

We started the workshop by performing one of our numbers and also closed the workshop with the same piece. It was amazing to see the difference in the two performances. All of the dancers were coming out of their shells and the confidence  and enthusiasm was radiating.

Sean has been taking dancers to a new level through his very unique program of applied psychology which improves a dancers’ endurance, power and all round performance for over 10 years now.

The director of ‘Dancing Minds’ truly brings out the magic of a dancer through their mind and will be visiting the Take The Floor cast at the beginning of their rehearsal period to help them realise how they too can reach their full potential and make their dreams come true.

He is the author of “The Little Book of Inspiration for Irish Dancers” which has been described by some as “Chicken Soup for the soul for Irish Dancers” with many of the great multiple world champions and top schools using Sean as a mentor on their journey to the top. With the experience of working with over 3000 dancers around the world, Sean knows specifically how to remove mental barriers and tap into dormant resources that will suppress a dancers full potential.

Sean also works with Irish Olympic hopefuls through the Mary Peters trust as well as professional athletes ranging from golf to professional boxers and now brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to Take The Floor!

Follow Sean at the folioing links:

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