Ice Cream and Laundry! Reply

It’s a chill evening for the ladies of the lavender house. And we loooove dominos! Not because of the pizza though 🙂

Who knew that they would deliver right to our doorstep!

We couldn’t help but add the chocolate chip cookies in as well. It’s perfectly fine of course because we all danced our butts off today!

I’m sitting in the laundry room with Caiti Griffiths, Niki Louvelle, Dominika Dvorakova and Erin Loftus just chatting away about how the days have been going and we all kind of agree that today was a big day for us all.

As we wait for the clothes to be dry…

We all chatted about the choreography we have learned (which we love) and what the vibes are like in the room everyday. People are working really hard in there and it’s so nice to see everyone helping each other out. And do you wanna know what else … No complaining in the room! That is so nice. Nothing is worse than when a choreographer is like okay do it again and everyone is like ughhhh blahblah complain.

It’s so nice not to have to deal with that. We all just want to work hard and with one week to stage time we are pumping it up!

Tomorrow we are going to Bunratty Castle and everyone is really excited to put real clothes on and go out and do something fun together. Last nights table quiz was a great time so tomorrow will probably be even better!

As Day 5 is fast approaching we are still looking forward to learning new pieces and seeing the older ones come together.

I personally am thrilled that I’ll be able to wear nice clean clothes to rehearsals tomorrow. Life is good.

Bianca 🙂

Poodle Socks for All! Reply

Hi everyone!
We are absolutely buzzin at Day 4 here :). No such thing as a Day 4 slump here! We have been working hard to perfect numbers that we’ve already learned and start some new ones. I personally learned a fun number this morning with the lovely Ms Ciara Sexton. It is explosive and I am loving it! Wait till you all see it!

We just got back from lunch where we were all given a complimentary pair of amazing and soft Katie Luck poodle socks! They are so nice. Thank you Harper for passing them on to us from Katie herself!

We are truly blessed to be here at TTF 🙂 roll on Day 4!

Some of the girls with their socks 🙂

And we will talk soon!

Bianca 🙂

In it to win it! Reply

Turns out the fierce competition runs through us all off stage as well! We are workin hard to win the “mystery prize” here 🙂 hopefully it’s a hug for team Blue from Michael Ryan #fangirling

We will let you know what the prize is! When Team Blue wins of course!

🙂 Bianca