It’s the end of day one! Reply

At 9am this morning bright and early, 54 Irish dancers turned up at the Irish World Academy in the University of Limerick. While they waited eagerly in a dance studio warming up and preparing themselves, the Take The Floor crew were busy organising things across the hall.

Shane McAvinchey began the proceedings with a welcome to the group letting them know what was ahead of them and giving them an idea of what to expect throughout their experience with Take The Floor. Show choreographers Ciara Sexton and Michael Ryan said a few words, as did Producer Paula Goulding and Performance Advisor Gerry Byrne. After this, the casting session got underway with each dancer performing 24 bars of a Heavy Reel and a Light Reel.

After a short break, the finale piece of the show was the first port of call as the first full ensemble piece to be put together. This piece will involve the entire cast and is one of the biggest pieces of the show. Ciara and Michael came together combining both their ideas creating what is sure to be a show stopping piece!

After a well deserved lunch break  the group were back to the dance studio and broken up to work on new dance pieces. It was great to hear the music of Beoga sounding out around the studio adding to the energy and excitement. The dancers worked right through until 6pm after a productive and hard days work and we are all ready for another days work tomorrow beginning at 8am.

Things are quiet here tonight on the University of Limerick campus. Many people using the time to get to know their surroundings, catching up with friends old and new and getting over the jet lag. There are long, challenging and exciting times ahead and we CANNOT wait to see the show that this talented bunch of dancers can create!


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