Well it’s Day 3! Reply

Hi everyone!

Bianca here (one of the dancers in the show) just sharing some of my blog-spertise on the TTF blog. It’s been an amazing 3 days so far. We have been thrown right into all things show bizz and it’s a lot of fun. It’s amazing to have such a nice facility to dance in! Just walking into the studio makes you want to dance.

For me, personally, there is something about every studio that gives it a personality. Dancing to me is like a life line. And walking into a studio I can’t help but think about who might have lived there before me.

Walking into the Irish World Academy I can only imagine the kind of life this place has. Limerick is the hub of dancing and music in Ireland and so I knowwwwww that tons of talented people have probably set foot in the same place that I am spending the next ten days in!

Michael Flatley was only here a few months ago so that’s one for ya !

Anyway we are working hard here and I’ve got a few minutes to tell you about how our day is going so I thought I would just show you !

Dancers working hard with Michael Ryan 🙂 there’s about 20 of them in there!

The lads and the ladies working with the lovely Miss Ciara Sexton.

One of our guys (Joe) showing us his modeling skills! (He has no idea this photo is actually going up!)

And here’s me sneaking a quick selfie before going off to practice 🙂

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