Cast night out at Bunratty Castle! Reply

Day 5 has been absolutely crazy! It was a day full of dancing and transitioning followed by a night of dancing and singing. And eating of course!

We were thrilled that we didn’t have to dance this evening and we got to watch some dancing ourselves. And it was a great show! The music was live, the host was cracking jokes and we were all enjoying watching the dancers do what we are about to do in a few days.

I have to say my favorite part is when they have someone play the badhran. It’s such a cool instrument.

Some of the cast with our tickets!

And here are a few shots of everyone sitting at their tables waiting to see the show!

And of course, the best part of the night… Our two favorite men (Shane and Michael of course) got called out to do a ceili! And they NAILED IT!

It was great to see them with their chests out and smiles on! Like they are always telling us.

I had a great night. Live music is the best. It made us all excited for our own chance to take the floor 🙂



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