Day 6- still sweating! Reply

We are really pushing it here on Day 6. Everyone seems to be turning up the energy and pumping up the speed. We were split this morning into three groups. I can’t tell you exactly what we are up to but I will say this… Everyone left the room feeling so happy and excited about what they had just learned.

Everyone seems to be in a great mood today which is really amazing considering how tired we all are.

That’s what passion is all about though isn’t it? Keeping it going no matter what and striving to be your best!

That’s what we are doing here for Day 6 and I’m sure it will continue for the next four days till our big day!

So who wants to see how everyone is doing?

Here you go!

“Hi mam!”

Ba da ba ba ba- we’re lovin it!

Bianca 🙂

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