Girl time… with ice! Reply

I came into the kitchen to get some ice and found these lovely ladies had already beat me to it! (And Nathan lol)

Marah, Maggie, Avalon, Amber, Danielle and Kayleigh are sitting here in the kitchen just chilling and chatting about their days and how it’s been going.

Here’s what we’ve done today:

Maggie, Danielle and Avalon spent their whole day with the amazing Mister Michael Ryan learning a figure dance that looks like so much fun! The girls feel really proud of the fact that they learned it all in one day when usually it takes months to learn these dances. They are looking forward to feeling comfortable with it and giving a performance!

Kayleigh and Amber worked on a heavy shoe number with the lovely Ms Ciara Sexton today and they loved it! They think it’s the best dance they have done so far. The energy was amazing in their group and they could feel it coming together. They are looking forward to adding some sass into the show :).

Marah and myself learned an A Capella piece today from the one and only Shane McAvinchey and it was fabulous. Shane is amazing to learn from and his routine really challenged us. And there is something really special about it that I can’t tell you yet 🙂 hehe.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon with both Paula and Shane learning a really fun and sassy number. It was so nice to spend a bit of time with them. They work so well as a team and it’s very apparent when you get into the room with them.

As a group we all worked really hard today and did everyone proud. We deserve all the ice in the world at this point to rest these gorgeous hard working feet and legs of ours.

Day 7 here we come!

Bianca 🙂

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