Day 7 Insider Scoop Reply

I am sitting here with the girls: Maddy, Hailey, Amanda, Erika, Lexie and Tanya and they are talking all about their favorite dances!

Maddy was the first to speak up and she has two favorites! Her favorite soft shoe dance is called the Incident and hard shoe dance is the a Capella bit we worked on yesterday. Hailey loves a dance called hello again (and so do I!) We both think it’s going to be a really fun and pretty dance.

Amanda loves a dance called It’s a Small World which is a really fun number with everyone in it! Erika loves the figure (and so do I!) because it just looks like a ton of fun. Lexie is a slip jig girl, she said so herself! So her favorite number is the slip jig number called If Only in my Dreams. Tanya loves A Lovely Madness because it has a ton going on and it will definitely be exciting for everyone to watch!

We are loving the choreography this year… And the choreographers too!

We all agree that each choreographer brings their own style and energy to rehearsals. Mister Michael Ryan will focus on a particular part and drill it until we do it right, which we love! And Ms Ciara Sexton is quick and to the point because she knows what she wants.

It is amazing to work with them and be able to spend time learning from some of the best!

Want to know the best part after a long day at rehearsals? Coming home to a lovely room and nice big bed to sleep in! We love UL!

And selfies … Don’t mind my neck pillow… I’m just resting for a few.

Bianca 🙂

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