Day 10!! Hereeeee we go! 1

Good morning everyone!

Behold the beautiful sight of the cast in all black, chatting with friends before working on our encore!

We had a great warm up today … Of our voices! We had the pleasure of working with the talented Ms. Elaine Canning on our singing skills in order to play our part in the TTF feature song this year. I have to say I am really excited about it! I wouldn’t consider myself a singer, but I do love to sing and it will be nice to go out on stage for a bit of something different.

We only have 2.5 X’s left to add to our board! Check it out:

We cannot wait to share our performance with you tomorrow!


Bianca 🙂

One comment

  1. Back here in the USA biting my nails!!n just had the first critique from my cousins who saw the show in Limerick and the verdict is …….. Drum roll Brilliant !!!!!!!! Yay! Congrats yo all of you !!! Xoxoxo so excited and happy M

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