We came, we toured, we conquered! Reply

The tour is complete! I cannot believe it. The weekend absolutely flew by and it was definitely one of the best weekends of my life.

I left everything I had out there on the stage in Derry last night. We were being filmed for the DVD so I was doing the performance especially for my mom and dad. We all were. And for ourselves.

It was quite the emotional show/evening for us because we had been on such a high from the previous shows and pure adrenaline that I feel like it was just starting to hit us that this experience was about to come to an end.

I’m not sure about everyone else, but after our second show in Wexford I was feeling so good about the show and our group that I felt like I could go touring for months! So the fact that last night was the last time I would be able to perform that particular show with the amazing group of us was pretty emotional and it all hit me just before my first appearance on stage.

So I decided to put all of that out there for everyone to see. I was shouting, woo-ing, smiling, crying and loving life up there.

We all were. The second half of the show in particular was where we really felt Iike we had turned it on and won our audience’s hearts. And it turns out we did because we were greeted with another standing ovation!

What a way to end a tour. We all learned a lot last night. The show was a true test of a dancer’s passion and professionalism and I really felt like we rose to the challenge.

I would be honored to share a stage with any of these dancers again at any point in my life.

I am filled with pride and humility as I sit on the train back to Dublin reflecting on the past two weeks.

Take the Floor is truly a unique experience and I am so glad to have been a part of it.

I will leave you with a few photos from the weekend.

And I think it is time for my farewell!

Thank you all for reading I hope you have enjoyed it and felt a part of our TTF experience this year! Follow me on tumblr at beesnewgroove.tumblr.com
where I will continue to blog about my dancing adventures! I will also be on WordPress at biancapaigesmith.wordpress.com ! It will be a little something different so keep up with me if you want!

Bianca 🙂

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