Pre-Production: Let’s get creative! 1

With our application process drawing to a close our attention now turns more towards show content.

I paid a visit to The Helix and UCH last week.  I popped on my producer/director hat and viewed the space and the surroundings closely. A big change for us this year will be going from a theatre space to a concert hall for both the Dublin and Limerick shows. That and of course the increase in venue size!

The Helix, Dublin
The Helix, Dublin

Can we create more entrances/exits? Is there a cyc screen? Is it front or rear projection? Will there be legs and side panels? How much stage space will we lose? Are there steps from the front down? How many seats will this lose? What are the dimensions of the band risers? Is there a quick-change area? Etc etc  – The technical managers were glad to see the back of me!!

Working on the show content, look & design is for us one of the most fun aspects. The creative process can be an infuriating one but also hugely rewarding. That ‘light bulb’ moment when you just know you’ve envisaged something that could translate beautifully on stage or come up with a split second visual that could make all the difference in a 5 minute segment.

Shane and I have our brainstorming sessions, and those of you who know us will appreciate that these sessions can end up on an entirely different planet at times! Sometimes you just have to let your imagination run a little wild to find the gems within!

– Paula

Co-producer/director of Take The Floor

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