The Creation of a New Dance Show 1

When Shane and I first started talking about putting Take The Floor together we were met with a great deal of optimism but also a lot of scepticism.
We were certain we had a truly unique concept and any negativity was not going to deter us, not even for a second. In our hearts we knew it would be great.
Call us foolish or head strong (or perhaps a mixture of both!) but we’ve learned a lot from being in this business from a young age and there is always risk involved. Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself (and your idea) and go for it. So we did!
Our debut event and show took place last year in Dublin’s Helix theatre and was one of our proudest achievements to date. The show itself was met with such an overwhelmingly positive response  from the audience, the media and industry professionals that it surpassed our own expectations. To quote one individual: “Take the Floor has put the heart back into irish dance” and this is exactly what Take The Floor conveys: heart.
This year we have 60 of the world’s most talented and aspiring professional dancers involved with the event. 11 countries will be represented in Take The Floor 2013 including Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Norway, Italy, Russia, USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia!
Take The Floor debut show in 2012
Take The Floor debut show in 2012
It really is amazing what can transpire from a mere 10 days of rehearsals when every single person involved wants exactly the same outcome – the best show possible!
There’s a palpable nervousness and excited tension in the air on day 1 of rehearsals when everybody meets for the first time. It’s no wonder – they immediatley start learning a show that will perform in front of an audience in just 10 days time! That nervous tension is quickly replaced by heaps of hard work, inspiration and passion.
When we play the 1st Beoga track for the dancers it’s amazing to see their faces light up and their enthusiasm is infectious – at times it’s hard to keep them still if the music is playing in the background! A pinacle moment for Shane and I last year was when the band came in for rehearsals before the show. To have the music live and the dancers performing with such passion and professionalism was an electric moment that sent shivers down our spines. The marriage of this captivating music coupled with the dancers rhythm and new-found proficiency in performance is mesmerizing.
Beoga bring the dancers to life
Beoga bring the dancers to life
The joy that was so evident on stage was swallowed up by the audience and this show that is so much about the performers touched a chord with everyone witnessing it. There was a real feeling of the show not just belonging to the dancers but to everyone who was present. Whether on stage or in front watching, everyone felt a part of something truly unique.

– Paula

Co-producer/director of Take The Floor


Take The Floor Tickets are ON SALE NOW.

August 9th – The Helix, Dublin TICKETS

August 11th – UCH, Limerick – TICKETS

August 13th – Millennium Forum, Derry – TICKETS

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