In it to win it! Reply

Turns out the fierce competition runs through us all off stage as well! We are workin hard to win the “mystery prize” here 🙂 hopefully it’s a hug for team Blue from Michael Ryan #fangirling

We will let you know what the prize is! When Team Blue wins of course!

🙂 Bianca

Table quiz night! Reply

Finally a chance to get out of our practice clothes (and shower after that water fiasco) and have a bitta “Craic” as they say.

“Kaleigh and the lads”

We are a good lookin bunch if I do say so myself! As we get into our teams and await the first round we get some words from the wise (aka Shane McAvinchey):

“Do NOT cheat! Give us your phones!”

And so we did!!!

Somebody could be really rich right now! Or just be getting a million notifications haha! Everyone reluctantly got rid of their phones for the next hour.

Except me of course! (Your resident TTF dancer/blogger for 2014 :))


Ice, Ice baby Reply

Day 3 is done and we have lots to say! It goes a little something like this:

“My feet hurt.”
“I am so sore.”
“I can’t wait to ice.”
“Thank god my feet are freezing.”
“I can’t stand this ice anymore.”
See !

Niki and Ciara were chatting tonight in the apartment and just saying (apart from us all being in pain and living on ice) how lovely it is that we have all gotten so close in such a short amount of time. And have learned so much about each other! Lots of American girls have been learning fun facts about Canada which is great for us! And we are all able to help each other out and work together even though we’ve only known each other three days.

Ciara and Niki only met on Monday and they can’t believe how close they’ve already gotten!

How sweet is that 🙂 as our feet and legs are slowly freezing off we are still able to talk about the good times.

It’s been a great Day 3!

Downtime? What downtime? Reply

There is no such thing as down time here at TTF! We are always working hard and practicing our steps!

With only ten days there is no time to waste!

Kathryn Ryan couldn’t help but do her ab workout during our break! Gotta have a strong core 🙂

Maggie Donnelly couldn’t wait to join the fun! I’m up next!

Group stretch? Yes please!

It’s so nice to have friends to practice with.

There’s always something to work on.

And there is ALWAYS time for selfies 🙂

Back to work!

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